Issue # 2 Quantity does NOT imply Quality

Below is an “issue” I wrote up back in 2011. Still applies today.

The names have been removed because my issue is not with the people involved, just their issue.

I just finished listening to one of my favorite celebrities being interviewed… poorly. What I first found distressing is how the interviewer started the recording. They began by complaining about how uncomfortable they were because of the weather. They then went on to say how terrible their life is because of the friends pets they are watching. This went on for about the first 5 minutes or so. The host then began to complain about the people in live chat that made the observation on their lack of hosting ability. The host accusingly responded many times throughout the show how they have had over 400 episodes and have had returning guests as if this was proof that they were a good host. It doesn’t.

The guests they had on the show wanted one thing… exposure! The show offered this to them… period!

If the host had 2000 stores across the country that sold barely average quality products for low prices and I had a product to sell, I would totally want my product in their store! That does not imply that what this store sells is of good quality. McDonalds, by many, is not considered “quality” food but they have sold billions of sandwiches.

What was frustrating is the natural amiability of the guest (my celebrity) was doing their best to not call the host out on the complete “Debbie Downer” tone they were setting. You could just feel the guest saying something to the effect of “Are they going to be like this for the next 2 hours?!”

Luckily the guest received what any guest of the show receives with a well established program… exposure!

To the host of the show; you ARE the worst interviewer I have ever witnessed. Please remember that your guests are not there because they like you. They are on your show because it offers a positive bump up in their career. And regardless of how many episodes you have done, please remember that quality does not imply quality.

Issue # 1

Don (me) Has Issues on a variety of topics that will find a voice on this blog.

One issue is posting on schedule. I’m much better at posting when the inspiration moves me.

Topics will include anything from science to philosophy to entertainment.

That good for a first post.